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Managing Your Responsibilities Effectively

What I do

For most teenagers and young adults navigating school successfully is a tricky process. Throw in serious sport commitments, and some student can get overwhelmed very quickly. No one teaches adolescents how to properly manage their time and commitments, and one of my services is health and lifestyle coaching to help do this, not just for athletes but for anyone in a high-pressured role. This coaching can incorporate a number of important elements such as diet, routine and well-being and I take a holistic approach looking at the person as a whole.




Speaking From Experience

I am an effective health and lifestyle coach because I used to be an athlete myself. I played hockey to a high level and also competed in athletics at a county level. My degree is in sports science and I have conducted research and published papers in exercise physiology, so I have a real passion for sports. What is essential though, is managing this activity in an effective system.

There is always pressure on young athletes, and most will not find motivation in simply going to the gym or running every day. What I do, is help young athletes, by finding the right balance between home, school and social commitments.


Achieving Balance

I help not just athletes but any individuals who are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the burdens in their life. As a former athlete and a senior leader, I know all about navigating work, facing pressures from below and above. I can support you by setting realistic goals, making them achievable and looking at ways to accomplish them in sensible ways. For more details about my education, leadership or well-being consultancy in Warwickshire, please get in touch.



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My Services

  • Safeguarding and pastoral work.
  • Coaching and target setting.
  • Balancing commitments and pressures.
  • Understanding external pressures and what effect they have.

Past Examples

I have also worked with teenagers who were struggling to work effectively. I undertook a comprehensive analysis, looking at commitments, lifestyle and even diet to understand the cause of this lethargy.





  • If you would like further details about my education, leadership and well-being consultancy in Warwickshire and the work I do in the United Kingdom, please get in contact.