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What I do

The consultancy services I offer are extremely varied and diverse, because every situation really is unique. I could work with you for a week, where I conduct a daily school review looking at areas that could be improved, and finding ways to implement these changes. Or I could be leading a review process that encompasses the whole year, where I visit your school weekly, building up an idea of the issues and looking at ways to address these in the long term. It all depends on your requirements, and I will tailor my service to meet your needs.

I work in all phases of education and have practical experience of working in primary education through to higher education. I can centre attention onto a specific department or provide strategical support to guide your organisation through transformational change.







Empowerment Coaching

It is important to emphasise, that underpinning this advisory work is coaching. I do not just simply do the work or tell you what to do, but I empower your educators, leaving your organisation better prepared to deal with situations in the future. As a result, I do not always work with schools who are failing to meet targets, I regularly work with outstanding schools are looking to refine specific areas.

Committing to improving, is an ongoing process that never stops and I can help generate innovative solutions to help your school grow.



I can draw upon this experience and collaborate with you to discover problems and generate practical, applicable solutions that will result in real important change.



My Services

Whole School

  • School senior leadership coaching – working with heads of departments and senior leaders.
  • School improvement and strategic planning.
  • Middle leadership development.
  • CPD and staff development.
  • Performance management.
  • Appraisal and professional development for support staff.
  • Learning and teaching development.
  • Safeguarding.
  • Quality assurance procedures and structures.






  • STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths development).
  • Assessment structures and procedures in schools.
  • Curriculum development.


  • Student leadership.
  • NQT and student mentoring.





Past Examples


  • I have worked with a good school, but with a struggling department. In this particular instance the girls were having difficulties achieving targets in science. So, I conducted ongoing research to identify why this was occurring and generated solutions to ameliorate this.
  • I have supported a science department which was new to delivering GCSE science. The objective was to build the whole department from the ground up. In this, I looked at leadership, developed schemes of learning and assessed the quality of teaching. I examined curriculum design, supported parents and children in the development of the new school and helped complete key deliverables. This was a lengthy project that assembled a whole department from afresh.
  • I have also worked with a school trust and assisted in the review process of a school once a term, building upon the feedback from governors. This acted as a self-inspection for the school, which took a proactive approach to improving key processes.
  • Another school that I collaborated with, required extensive leadership coaching. Rather than buy into a generic leadership course, I tailored a bespoke programme applicable to the school with coaching and mentoring processes for the middle leaders of the organisation.
  • I have worked for the National Strategy as a Science and generic school improvement Consultant as well as being lead Consultant for Assessment for Learning (AfL).
  • I am also a consultant for the STEM learning partnership, promoting subjects and careers, particularly in the area of science.



For more details about my education, leadership or well-being consultancy in Warwickshire, please get in touch.