Good morning and welcome to my new company! As of 7th February 2018, I started trading as Aegeria Advisory Limited. I currently offer leadership and development consultancy within the education sector, but hope to expand this to private organisations over the coming months.

My current areas of working are:

• Leadership development and the improvement of leadership teams, to include leadership succession planning. Here I focus on the establishment of high performing and successful teams.

• Development of leadership skills across all areas from students, through to new appointees and senior leaders

• Improving Performance Management procedures and, in particular, appraisal processes for not-teaching staff. This work is most effective when developed alongside whole-institution CPD planning, monitoring and evaluation

• Learning and teaching development, to include establishment of high-quality and effective quality assurance procedures. I also support individuals who are looking to improve their teaching as well as working alongside trainees, NQTs and their subject and professional mentors.

• Establishment of effective safeguarding practices and pastoral / support systems which promote good health and mental well-being (amongst both staff and students) as well as promoting healthy behaviours 

• Behaviour management and systems for supporting learners at risk of exclusion or at risk of becoming NEET