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What I do

It is inevitable that every organisation faces hurdles and setbacks. Good leadership will ensure that optimal strategies are formulated and followed to navigate your organisation through downturns. It is well known that effective leadership will create a vision, build a strategy and implement a collective strategy that will have everyone invested and pulling in the right direction. Effective leaders are energetic, dynamic and direct and as an effective leader myself I can develop these attributes into your managerial or senior team.



The Common Goal

Leadership skills are transferable, many of the traits that good leaders possess are the same. As an experienced school leader, managing significant numbers of people in a constructive way was critical, and I can support your organisation in creating effective leaders.

What this entails is examining your organisation, looking at the data and stakeholders and intervening in order to take your organisation to the next level. This can involve challenging conversations, making members of staff accountable and ensuring that all employees are working toward common goals.



A 'Critical Friend'

Part of the process is asking whether the current processes in place in your organisation allow for effective leadership, and building upon the skills of you and your workforce to create that effective leadership. As your ‘critical friend’, I will provide confidential, discreet but valuable coaching that will support your organisation in creating effective leaders for the future. If you would like more information about my education, leadership or well-being consultancy in Warwickshire, please get in touch to hear what I can do.

 education and leadership consultant in Warwickshire and UK


Leadership Coaching through strategic thinking, target setting and
developing excellent working relationships.



Developing Leadership with Millennials

If you regularly work with or lead those in the 18-30 bracket, you may benefit from my specialised programme for more effective working relationships. If you are significantly older you may find it slightly bewildering working with individuals who have different interests, beliefs and lifestyles. My leadership programmes are not about imposing any sort of system on anyone, but are about understanding individuals and integrating them into effective teams.






My Services

  • Senior leadership coaching, support and team building.
  • Middle leadership development and coaching.
  • Helping business leadership to 'see the wood for the trees'.
  • Advice on getting the best out of the millennial generation – working with managers on how to work with young working professionals.
  • Career development coaching.




If you require further information about my education, leadership or well-being consultancy in Warwickshire and the United Kingdom, please contact me.