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Make Your Event a Successful One

What I do

In my work as a senior school leader, speaking in front of hundreds of adults and young teenagers was an everyday occurrence. Delivering assemblies in a calm and effective way is an art and this skill can be utilised in a number of ways. If you are coordinating an award show or conference, and it is being led by someone who is nervous or inexperienced, this will resonate through the whole day and will look unprofessional and amateurish.





 Loud And Clear

As an experienced speaker, I can effectively manage the audience and ensure that your event runs smoothly without any hitches. If you are running a conference and you want your message to be heard, I’ll be able to get that message across.



Events And Conferences 

I also provide a conference facilitation service and can coordinate any away day or team building exercises you may be running. If one of your employees is administering the day, it is often more constructive if a neutral third party organises activities and chairs debates. I have much experience running productive days and I can also do this for your employee event.


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My Services

  • Presenting and hosting.
  • Group management.
  • Awards shows.
  • Conference leading and facilitation.

Past Examples

I often oversee away days for employers who wish to encourage team-building and good working relationships. Rather than have an employee organise activities and schedules I can do this, allowing for the effective participation of every employee.





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