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Education, Leadership And Well-Being Consultancy In Warwickshire 


My name is Jane Elmer and I am a practised school leader, leadership and lifestyle coach. I am an experienced educator and can support your school in implementing real and effective change. As a senior leader, I have led a number of organisations and can provide your people with the right skills to steer your business into the future.

I also provide a number of subsidiary services including lifestyle coaching and conference facilitation. In whichever capacity I assist, I endeavour to provide you with the knowledge and tools that will make your organisation smarter, leaner and more effective.

Please get in touch for more information about my education, leadership and well-being consultancy in Warwickshire and the United Kingdom.

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Helping to transform organisations and individuals in a positive and effective way.

From schools to businesses, I work with teachers, students, teams and leaders to find a way to improve relations,  work environment
and find a healthy balance between well-being and work ethic, using diplomacy and strategic thinking.
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Services I Provide...


School Advisory 

The ways I can assist your school can be very broad in scope or focused on a precise area. You may need guidance in strategic planning, or you require hands on support to develop a department that faces a number of difficult issues. As an experienced educator and consultant for Leicestershire local authority, my work has spanned all breadths of the education sector from primary to higher education. I can draw upon this experience and collaborate with you to discover problems and generate practical, applicable solutions that will result in real important change.

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Leadership Development and Leadership Coaching

As a senior leader with experience of supervising large organisations, I understand the significance of good leadership. I know the traits of effective leadership, and can develop these attributes in your management culture. I specialise in developing leadership teams in small, medium and large organisations and I will equip you with the right tools so you can get your organisation pulling in the same direction.

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Health and Lifestyle Coach

My background is in sports science and I have practical experience of playing sports at a high level. As a senior school leader, I know all about the difficulties of stressful jobs, and so I know the pressures of trying to balance a number of competing commitments. Circumstances become even more complex if mental health issues arise. As a lifestyle coach, I can take a holistic approach and examine diet, routines and lifestyle, to help identify ways to promote well-being and improve happiness if you are in a high-pressure sporting or business role.

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Hosting and Conference Facilitation

I also provide a hosting service that is often utilised at presentations and conferences. If you are looking for a presenter who will not break a sweat performing in front of hundreds of people, I have successfully coordinated a number of events through the years. Alternatively, I am often called to facilitate away days and conferences, and I can provide a neutral, firm hand to guide and streamline team building activities so that they are productive and meaningful.

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Education, Leadership and Well-Being Consultancy in Warwickshire And Across The UK

Helping Businesses And Schools Become Happier, Effective And Constructive Environments.






About Me

I am an experienced educator, with extensive experience in leadership and school improvement. I have worked at all stages of education from primary through to secondary and higher education. I specialised in science and PE, and have had my research published in several peer-reviewed publications, and presented at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. My diploma in professional studies focused on the role of assessment in the classroom.

I feel privileged to have experienced many aspects of education from working as a school improvement consultant for Leicestershire Authority and as a senior leader in both secondary and primary phases. Through these roles, I have gained significant experience in education policy and curriculum design, strategic thinking, target setting and developing excellent working relationships.

I have a very keen sense of the rigours and stresses under which schools and leaders are placed and this is at the forefront of my mind when working with individuals and organisations. My skills in diplomacy and sensitivity have developed from supporting schools, organisations and individuals with serious weaknesses and with colleagues at risk of competency procedures.

I have a friendly and approachable disposition and this, combined with my very real enjoyment and passion for coaching, allows me to transform organisations and individuals in a positive and effective way.


If you would like further details about my education, leadership and well-being consultancy in Warwickshire and the work
I do in the United Kingdom, please do not hesitate to get in touch.